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Physics faculty in the UCSD Astronomy Ph.D. program pursue cutting-edge research at all scales of the Universe through instrumentation, observation, simulation, and theory.

  • Kam Arnold

    Kam Arnold

    Associate Professor Kam Arnold develops technology for the next generation of detectors and telescopes to measure the intensity and polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background.
  • Steven Boggs

    Steven Boggs

    Professor Steven Boggs specializes in high-energy experimental astrophysics. Professor Boggs is currently serving as the Dean of the Physical Sciences.
  • Adam Burgasser

    Adam Burgasser

    Professor Adam Burgasser applies observational techniques to discovering and characterizing the lowest-mass stars, brown dwarfs, and extrasolar planets.
  • Alison Coil

    Alison Coil

    Professor Alison Coil is an observational astrophysics that specializes in understanding galaxy formation and evolution. Professor Coil is the Associate Dean for EDI in the Physical Sciences.
  • Patrick Diamond

    Patrick Diamond

  • Raphael Flaugher

    Raphael Flaugher

    Associate Professor Raphael Flaugher is a theoretical physicist that specializes in cosmology, quantum field theory, and cosmic mircowave background data analysis.
  • George Fuller

    George Fuller

  • Daniel Green

    Daniel Green

  • Brian Keating

    Brian Keating

  • Dusan Keres

    Dusan Keres

    Associate Professor Dusan Keres specializes in using advanced simulations to understand galaxy formation and evolution.
  • Quinn Konopacky

    Quinn Konopacky

    Associate Professor Quinn Konopacky uses high resolution techniques on large ground based telescopes to study star and planet formation and evolution.
  • Tongyan Lin

    Tongyan Lin

  • Tom Murphy

    Tom Murphy

  • Michael Norman

    Michael Norman

  • Karin Sandstrom

    Karin Sandstrom

  • David Tytler

    David Tytler

  • Shelley Wright

    Shelley Wright

    Associate Professor Shelley Wright is an experimental and observational astrophysicist that specializes in OIR instrumentation, galaxy formation and evolution, and technosignatures.